Dalian Maritime Court, established on June 1, 1984, has jurisdiction over marine and maritime cases of first instance within its jurisdictional areas, which range from extended sea areas of Yalu River estuary and Yalu River on the east,to Shanhaiguan Sea Area at the junction of Liaoning Province and Hebei Province,including part of the Bohai Sea and part of the Huanghai Sea,2920 km coastline and more than 500 islands.Major seaports in its jurisdiction include Dalian Port, Dayaowan Port, Dalian New Port, Yingkou Port, Bayuquan Port, Dandong Dadong Port, Jinzhou Port, Huludao Port, etc.Major fishing ports in its jurisdiction include Dalianwan Fishing Port, Bayuquan Fishing Port, Yangtouwa Fishing Port, Dachangshan Fishing Port, Langtou Fishing Port, etc.Its internal institutions include the Maritime Affairs Tribunal, the Maritime Commerce Tribunal, the Case Filing Chamber, the Enforcement Bureau and so on. Besides, it has set up five dispatched tribunals in Jinzhou, Bayuquan, Donggang, Changhai and Harbin.




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