Dalian Maritime Court Online litigation Guide

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If you are the party of a case or the agent ad litem, the following litigation services can be processed online:

1. If you need to contact the presiding judge, you may call “12368” litigation service hotline of Dalian Maritime Court (For local residents, dial 12368 directly; for non-residents in China, dial 0411-12368; for foreign residents, dial 0086-411-12368, and then select the corresponding court according to the voice prompt).

2. If you need to query the information about your own case, you may call “12368” litigation service hotline of Dalian Maritime Court, or log in to China Judicial Process Information Online, China Mobile Micro-court on WeChat and China Enforcement Information Public Networkfor online process. Here are the addresses:




3. If you need to make any complaint, suggestion or procedural consultation on legal and litigation issues, you may call “12368” litigation service hotline of Dalian Maritime Court.

4. You may also pay attention to the court’s official account on WeChat to learn about more convenient online processes of litigation services. Here is the address:


If you have any doubt about the above operations, you may dial Dalian Maritime Court litigation service center’s online service call 0086-411-82759701 for consultation.

5. Our court provides online mediation service through the Online Diversified Dispute Resolution Platform .Here is the address:


6. We could accept and hear a case through Liaoning Mobile Micro Court on WeChat and Liaoning Court Litigation Service Network. Here is the address:     


7.You may also mail the filing materials to our court. The mailing address and enquiry phone numbers are as follows:

Court Headquarter

Address: No. 280, Luxun Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian, Liaoning, China

Tel: 0086-411-82759701

Dong’gang Detached Adjudication Tribunal

Address: 40 Meters (South of Jiawu Street) East to the Intersection of Jiawu Street and Yinhe Road, Dong’gang, Liaoning, China

Tel: 0086-415-7148510

Changhai Detached Adjudication Tribunal

Address: Building 43, Dongshan Park D, Dachangshandao Town, Changhai County, Dalian, Liaoning, China

Tel: 0086-411-39370137

Bayuquan Detached Adjudication Tribunal

Address: Middle of Hudiequan Road, Bayuquan District, Yingkou, Liaoning, China

Tel: 0086-417-6222244

Jinzhou Detached Adjudication Tribunal

Address: Westbound 100 Meters from the Bijia Mountain Turntable, Changbaishan Road, Jinzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Liaoning, China

Tel: 0086-416-2877066

Harbin Detached Adjudication Tribunal

Address: No. 4, Kangshun Street, Nangang District, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China

Tel: 0086-451-82309639



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