Professional translation team of Dalian Maritime Court

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Time: September 4, 2020.

Place: Dalian Maritime Court

People: all members of the translation team

Event: Training exchange forum in 2020


Team Introduction:

The translation team of Dalian Maritime Court was established in June, 2019. It is composed of young judges, judge assistants and clerks. In addition to the trial work, it is mainly responsible for the comprehensive maintenance of the English website and the translation of maritime trial white paper.


This is our team leader Zhao Yongfei, who is responsible and proficient in English. He mkes a comprehensive summary of the work of the translation team since its establishment, sorts out the main problems in the translation work, and puts forward important reference opinions on proper nouns, official terms and news tenses based on his years of translation experience. The team members listen to the lecture carefully and are deeply convinced that they have solved many difficult problems in the process of translation.


This is our General Secretary Cheng Xin, who is calm and composed, and has a strong coordination ability. He presides over the meeting and guides the team members to actively participate in the deep and detailed discussion.



These are our team members with solid professional skills and enthusiasm for collective development. They have carried out active and warm exchanges on their own work and team development. They agree that the translation team should be paralell with the advanced, give full play to their advantages, increase the quantity and quality of translated articles, and expand the international influence of the maritime court through English publicity. In addition, the team members put forward many targeted suggestions on how to make full use of the opportunity of court-college cooperation, improve oral ability, carry out training activities, improve the member structure and labor division and cultivate the self-brand.


Sun Guang, member of the Party group and vice president of the Court, fully affirms the work of the translation team on behalf of the Party group of the Court. She points out that the Court’s English website is a name card for external publicity, and the efforts and close cooperation of all members have made the English website gain a certain influence. The translation team is not only the interest and hobby organization but also responsible for contributions to the first-class cause of our court. She puts forward three requirements for the team and its members.

1. It is necessary to fully understand the professional and foreign-related characteristics of maritime trial, strive to follow the path of elites, constantly strengthen English and law learning, and keep the high fighting spirit of diligence and enterprising.

2. We should closely combine personal growth with the development of the Court, establish the ideological consciousness of "I am proud when the Court prospers", devote ourselves to the trial and other work wholeheartedly, and continue to expand the judicial transparency through information means such as Chinese and English websites.

3. We should broaden the international horizon and comprehend the relationship between our work and the construction of the "one belt and one road", the construction of international shipping center and the all-round revitalization of the Northeast China.

                                                         By Zheng Linlin

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