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On the morning of March 6, the Harbin Court opened a trial of a dispute over the seawater's personal damage liability. This trial was "different", and the collegiate court was composed of the Judge of Harbin Court, the judge of the Dalian Maritime Court, and a people's juror. The members of the collegiate panel did not "face face to face", but successfully completed the trial task successfully. The distance of 946 kilometers did not block the judges' determination to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the parties.

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The Harbin Court of the Dalian Maritime Court launched the Internet trial system to create an intelligent court with modern technology. This is an important measure for convenience and the deep integration of modern technology and maritime justice. The Internet trial is based on the principle of "cloudization, lightweight, and modularization", and the operations such as proof of evidence, recording, video, signing and signature chapters during the trial process need to be realized in the cloud. In the trial, the parties used electronic evidence and qualifications. Members of the collegial panel could consult evidence in the cloud without traveling, and they could review evidence in the cloud, synchronous court records, and understood the situation

of the case.

The launch of the Internet trial system not only solves the problem of long and high costs in the court to open the court, but also effectively solves the problem of the shortage of the Harbin court judges. Through the system, when major difficulty in trialing and other cases that need to form a collegial panel, the Harbin Court can fully share the resource of judge of the hospital. The science and technology and trial work are deeply integrated, and the Dalian Maritime Court takes every step of modernization of trial work.

by Du Yimin

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